LTE based IoT networks for Industries of the Future

By: Shashwat Nagpal

Today, telecom technology and its innovations are not limited to mobile phones only. The evolution of technology and its advancements have changed the way we live, work and play. 4G/LTE telecommunication networks are making the fourth industrial revolution a reality sooner by changing the way we manufacture, mine and ship. When topped with VNL’s innovative LTE solutions – it gets viable and sustainable.

The Industry 4.0 revolution and digital transformation
The world of communication has come a long way from the homing pigeons and telegraphs to the age of face to face virtual conversations, anywhere, anytime. 

Telecom technology is the most remarkable example of growth in today’s world.
At present, private and enterprise connectivity depends on wires and IT-based wireless solutions, which are not robust, reliable, or secure. VNL’s Network in One Box (NiOB) based mobile broadband network for industrial IoT applications can help realise a truly connected industry and open new business models for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP).

With the constant upgradation of fast, low-latency and secure communication technologies, we are at the brim of the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution. One must ask themselves, how can technology improve from the information age, with its immense economic and sociopolitical impact?

Let us see how.

Make way for Smart Manufacturing.
Manufacturing is going through a phase of transformation. Businesses are looking to take advantage of technology to enhance their competitiveness and profitability. By adopting VNL’s NiOB based private mobile broadband networks for IoT based Smart Manufacturing, manufacturers can open several new possibilities.

In its first stages, manufacturers gain critical insights about their operations through their connected system. Manufacturers can then use the insights to optimise various aspects of the processes at the factory floor, across campus, and in logistics.

And in the long run, an efficient IoT based smart manufacturing business can significantly reduce downtimes and boost production quality and throughput while constantly cutting costs. 

How VNL’s wireless cellular solutions make your enterprise smart
Our LTE Network in One Box (NiOB) based mobile broadband networks for Industry 4.0 are available. They provide the coverage, capacity, control, security and agility that industries need to transform. They can handle the most demanding use cases as they develop.

  • Factory-floor robotics – Wireless robots introduce greater flexibility and accuracy to reconfigure production lines.
  • Logistics and warehousing – Pick-and-pack machines and automated shipping are some of the most sought-after solutions for Industry 4.0 application.
  • Monitor and control mission-critical infrastructure – e.g. trains, electricity distribution grids and power plants.
  • Setup closed user group ad hoc networks – for situational awareness by public safety agencies during emergencies.
  • Automated machinery for oil rigs, mining and agriculture
  • Port and airport automation

Opportunity – Mobile Broadband Network for Industrial IoT

Several enterprises that have tried wireless technologies for critical connectivity, such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi MESH or Bluetooth (for shorter distances), have realised their limitations. At the same time, they are very well suited for business communications. Still, they are not designed and optimised for the reliability required for mission-critical communications. Security is also a concern with these easy to hack wireless technologies.

VNL’s NiOB based Mobile Broadband Networks unleash a new generation of wireless technology. They provide reliable, pervasive connectivity and awareness that fosters entirely new and more efficient modes of automated manufacturing, customer interaction and service delivery.

To learn about how we can help you transform your business with VNL’s innovative mobile broadband solutions, get in touch with us or download our free paper on Mobile IoT networks for Industries of the future. You can also get in touch with us, and our team of experts will help you design the perfect solution for your business.



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