NiOB - Tactical LTE Back-pack Kit

A compact, body-worn back-pack that enables on-patrol soldiers to talk, collaborate and maintain communications in mountainous battlefields


A compact, body-worn man-pack that exploits the advantage of limited manoeuvre space in mountainous battlefield operations by providing instant, secure, on-the-move network for mission-critical communication. With on the-move connectivity, dismounted, small groups of soldiers gain real-time field situational-awareness by being connected with each other and the base through Voice/Video/Data network.


IDDM Complied. Available now.

Solution Highlights

  • Shock
    proof and energy efficient

  • Compact
    and robust for on-the-move connectivity

  • Lightweight;
    easy to install and maintain

  • Rugged,
    all-weather IP65 casing for harsh outdoors

  • Functions
    in standalone mode

  • Camera
    /sensors can be integrated for situational awareness

  • Supports
    roaming & seamless handover


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