Crowd & Riot Control System

A situational awareness that uses advanced mobile communication technology and other sensors for real-time control of crowd and rioters.

In today’s world of Crowd & Riot Control scenarios, political rallies and demonstrations escalate quickly into riots. In populated areas, rioters suddenly appear from lanes and spill on to the main roads and squares. It is crucial that the surge in rioters is controlled and stopped before rioters start damaging state property, injuring civilians and becoming a menace for the operating Police forces.

CRCS provides excellent remote command over the area, single or multi-location, where Rioters/Crowd are operational or may become operational, simultaneously. It gives Police, Law enforcement agencies & their team members the ability to exchange live voice, video & data to share real-time situation information, acting as a rapid force multiplier that provides unmatched help in taking informed decisions, immediately.

IDDM Complied. Available now.

Solution Highlights

  • Light-weight, portable, easy to use
  • Operational in less than 5 minutes at site
  • No dependency on public networks
  • Live video and chat with all field personnel
  • Enables quick p


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