SecuForX – AI Supported Comms and ISR for CT Ops

Live video surveillance of escape routes and real-time sniper coordination, support

A successful CASO mission is one without casualties among civil population and the operating force, with synchronized action to prevent targets from escaping a cordoned off area. But ground conditions are rarely ideal. Real-time mission co-ordination is the biggest challenge, with disturbances like sound of explosions/gunshots during an operation hampering co-ordination between units.

SecuForX – Real-Time Intelligence and Surveillance for CASO and Counter Terrorist Operations offers task oriented co-ordination and ISR kits that work as a holistic system for seamless co-ordination between each member of the unit and the commanders, along with providing automated, real-time operational information via visual and sensor-based alerts.

IDDM Complied. Available now.

Solution Highlights

  • High speed data and video streaming
  • Efficient spotter-shooter co-ordination
  • HD camera for spotter to locate target remotely
  • Optimized for co-ordination and efficient target allocation
  • Send and receive pre-fed SMS messages when voice transmission is difficult
  • No dependency on public networks


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