SNIPECOM – Situation Awareness for Sniper Ops

An advanced, field-proven situational awareness solution designed for a well-timed and coordinated sniper operation

SNIPECOM provides excellent remote command over sniper/anti-terrorist operations, at a single or multiple locations, simultaneously. It provides real-time data transmission for a quick and effective response to crisis scenarios. All the members of Sniper team & QRT share live voice, video and data exchange capabilities between all members of the sniping team. It is a force multiplier and provides unmatched help in taking informed decisions.

IDDM Complied. Available now.

Solution Highlights

  • Intelligence gathering from all snipers – live video and chat from all snipers
  • On target/off target indication in real time
  • Efficient target allocation instantly operational in less than 5 minutes
  • Enables ultra-fast decision making quick positioning of sniper team
  • Command and control solution providing full situational awareness


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