Suspect Location Detection & Identification System

A sophisticated search and scan system for security forces to remotely locate, identify and isolate miscreants in a mob

Based on advanced location estimation algorithm, SLDIS scans a building/target area for active mobile phone emissions, that indicate the number of persons in the target area, along with their location. Commanders can remotely scan a cordoned off area to gain mobile identities of such persons, and extract the number of miscreants in the mob/target area along with their cellular identities. Once security forces begin weeding out insurgents hiding among a crowd of civilians based on simple yet rapid cellular identification, they gain a strong tactical advantage in situation de-escalation.

IDDM Complied. Available now.

Solution Highlights

  • Rapidly deployable; quick capture time for tactical advantage
  • Detects all cellular devices, including 4G only devices and devices with 3G-only mode
  • Capture mobile identities to geo-locate a suspect
  • Remote operation; quick detection and acquisition of cellular identities&am


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