Advanced Warning Snapshot Camera Kit

An autonomous, tactical surveillance and situational awareness platform


Advanced Warning Snapshot Camera (AWSC) Kit is a tactical surveillance, autonomous situational awareness platform and a unique covert intrusion detection solution for surveillance in remote areas. Based on sensitive and advanced motion detection cameras (AWSC), it is deployed for early warning and visual confirmation of the intrusion.


IDDM Complied. Available now.

Solution Highlights

  • Rapidly
    and covertly deployable for tactical and intrusion detection at choke points

  • Real
    time alarm and snapshots triggered by motion or seismic detection

  • Detection
    range up to 15m, FOV – 88º

  • Dual
    camera for day & night operation

  • Snapshot
    up to 1600 x 1200 pixels

  • Battery
    life up to 1 year or 10,000 snapshots

  • Detection
    and classification of target – human, vehicle, tunneling activity and digging

  • Remote
    configuration and monitoring through Command & Control (C2)

  • Anti-theft;
    tamper detection

  • Secure –
    encrypted data transmission

  • IP65
    weather-proof housing

  • Works
    with external sensors (UGS)


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