AI-powered Cross-border Tunneling Detection Kit

A rapidly-deployable, plug and play tunnel intrusion detection kit built for cross-border regions


Comprising an array of sensitive, wired, unattended ground seismic sensors, that can be buried underground, in any terrain, and in any weather condition, to detect, and classify intrusion by way of tunneling. It can easily detect tunneling activities like digging, drilling, scraping, jack-hammering, etc. by measuring their intensity and duration.

Equipped with unique classification algorithms, it intelligently filters out non-threatening vibrations, from traffic on nearby roads and underground subways, to minimize false alarms. Secure IP-based, remotely configurable and can be integrated with EO & PA systems.

IDDM Complied. Available now.

Solution Highlights

  • Artificial-intelligence powered; quick and easy to deploy
  • Adapts to various types and a variety of terrain eg. sand, clay, soil, etc.
  • Classifies intrusion detection such as walking, crawling, digging, drilling, and tunneling
  • Adjustable & adaptive sensitivity against external noises to filter out false alerts
  • Tamper alarm; difficult for intruders to locate kit to disconnect


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