Tactical Operation Seismic System

Seismic covert sensors system for tactical use, designed to assist in search and ambush operations


Tactical Operation Seismic System (TOSS) is a situational awareness platform that provides 360 situational awareness, by detecting and classifying any movement at choke points in key locations, for early warning of a potential intrusion.

Upon any activity in sensitive security zones, the array of seismic sensors identifies the source of movement and raises an alert, simultaneously relaying the intrusion information to the command and control centre.

Solution Highlights

  • Rapidly deployable, easy to carry; covert deployment
  • Automatic adjustment to environment, filters false alarms for accuracy of alerts
  • Operation unaffected by vegetation (including grass, shrubs and trees)
  • Use as standalone perimeter protection solution or as part of an integrated multi-layered solution
  • Immune to environmental changes like fog, temperature, day & night conditions, rain, wind etc.


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