A wide range of services in the electronic manufacturing.

From the concept to the market

VNL offers all-in services for engineering, management of materials and electronic manufacturing, going from the development of the product prototype to optimization of the manufacturing and test processes, in cooperation with the customer, to final mass production and delivery of it all around the world.

An industry leader in manufacturing and engineering, VNL has the capabilities and skills needed to assist you at any phase of the product development and manufacturing cycle. We can provide a complete product design that begins with a sketch from your team, assist in completing designs your engineering group has already started, or give that last bit of DFM advice that brings the product to a successful launch.

Research and industry experience has been critical to evolving into a leading electronics manufacturing service. Processes with the most advanced technologies and results in a rapid release of the product to get the necessary “time-to-market”.



We understand our customers

The will to understand our customers and connect with their needs has led us to offer a wide range of services in the electronic industry area for the following sectors: Automotive, Telecommunications, Security, Industrial and Consumer Electronics, Lighting, IoT, Energy etc.

Vnl design & development Offerings

  • Mobile Network & Network Element System design
  • Security and Surveillance System Design
  • Hardware design
    • Digital for advance computing and interfaces
    • RF for various wireless access technologies
    • Mechanical for compact and outdoor applications
  • Software development
    • Carrier grade considerations
    • Baseband for wireless access technologies
    • Radio networks algorithms and Control Applications
    • Switching (Circuit and Packet Mode) systems


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