VNL’s Smart Border Management Solutions check all the boxes at this year’s Border Management event, New Delhi.

By: Shashwat Nagpal

VNL successfully wrapped up its showcase of field-proven, terrain-specific, multi-layered, border management solutions at this year’s Smart Border Management, held at FICCI chambers in New Delhi. 

On display was a suite of VNL’s indigenously designed, developed and manufactured perimeter security system and portable Smart-ISR for protecting borders, bases and camps.

Shri G. Ganesh, Minister of State for Home Affairs, visited the booth to survey a range of our solutions, with a special focus on border intrusion detection solutions and Vihaan’s indigenously developed hand-held radios, among other home-developed solutions.

Chairman and Founder, VNL, Mr. Rajiv Mehrotra, in his session talk at the event, shared key insights on advancements in technology for securing critical perimeters across the nation and how VNL has contributed to designing and developing cost-effective security and surveillance solutions as next generation force multipliers for the Armed Forces in the areas of Communications and ISR.

“India is surrounded with international borders that have a widely different terrain and environment from each other. No other country is witness to a wide scale of diversity in its border environment, and the challenges that come with it are unique in themselves.  To design and develop solutions that can be integrated across the diversity of our borders, yet deliver security and protection within the purview of a specific border terrain was a challenge we are proud to have overcome.”, said Mr. Rajiv Mehrotra.

Chairman and Founder, VNL, Rajiv Mehrotra, in a session talk on technologies and solutions for border perimeter security.

VNL’s border management solutions are tailored to work across a wide variety of terrains, and take into account Indian border’s power supply challenges. The solution works on 100% solar energy for uninterrupted power supply, so that there is zero probability of power loss and perimeter security operations keep running round the clock. Any wireless activity can be picked up, and any type of intrusion – be it human, vehicular, or device intrusion – can be detected and deterred by the vast array of sensors and cameras that make up the most active layers of the entire solution.

With its three-layer approach to not just deter an intrusion, but to also pre-empt an intrusion at the border with a day and night monitoring and detection mechanism, VNL’s border management solution is truly cut out for the specifics of India’s borders and its many challenges.

VNL is proud to undertake the considerations of the Indian Armed Forces in indigenously designing and developing solutions for border protection and border management, tailored to the unique requirements and challenges of borders of India – something that’s rarely been given the consideration it deserves.

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