Weaving Invisible Threads of Connectivity

By: Shashwat Nagpal

There is an omnipresent invisible thread that connects us all. Whether you live thousands of miles away or nearby, there is one thread that binds us together – our ability to communicate and express. However, as the globe digitises at a rapid rate, this thread has frayed for those living in locations with limited or no communication access. 

Imagine your loved one living miles away, and you don’t get to chat with them for months on end, help them in need, or even know how they are doing in life—or missing out on possibilities because new opportunities are out of reach, or missing out on better education simply because you are deprived of the world wide web to access all of these essential services. Our thread has been severed in all of these circumstances, leaving an exclusive set of people with these privileges. At the same time, many in rural communities are still faced with archaic challenges.

A robust telecom connection will certainly reinforce this invisible link. People benefit from this thread by having access to improved opportunities, better health care, and the joys of remaining connected to their loved ones. Moreover, a dependable high-speed telecom promises diverse opportunities from anywhere in the world.

We at VNL are committed to spreading smiles by weaving the invisible thread of connectivity. With our advanced high-speed wireless telecommunication solution, we successfully link individuals to improved healthcare, education, and financial services through this thread and bring broadband services to the remotest of places.

1. Connecting for disaster updates- Knowing about the well-being of your loved ones amid a disaster is critical. VNL’s invisible thread of connection allows you to stay in touch with loved ones even when all traditional methods of communication fail. 

2. Connecting for better opportunities- Connect with recruiters from all over the world. A web of connectedness provides up global chances to spread joy. 

3. Connecting Local Business- Connecting small company owners directly to customers has made local businesses better and more profitable.

4. Connecting Banks-  Connectivity allows you to have banking in the palm of your hand. Making online payments will enable you to connect with the seller effortlessly. 

5. Connecting Education- Get higher education by communicating with a plethora of teachers via a digital education platform, opening a sea of opportunities and exposure.

6. Connecting Government Offices- Stay up to speed on government programmes and economic and social empowerment strategies by connecting with digital government sites.

Pioneering what it believes to be the only commercially available LTE system that provides all of the infrastructure equipment and software necessary to support a wireless network within a single, compact enclosure, approximately the size of a personal computer, VNL’s High-speed Wireless 4G/LTE Broadband solution demonstrates how affordable broadband can be delivered to enable communities in rural and remote markets and to connect the next billion to the rest of the world. 

Remote village sites installed with our unique solution can get high throughput data, VoLTE, and ViLTE with Quality of Service. No other commercial LTE voice and data solution is this cost-efficient, uses little power, and is so small and easy to deploy in rural areas.  It is the ideal solution for seizing the massive opportunity represented by unconnected, remote environments. 

Along with weaving the web of connectivity, we are spreading voice and broadband beyond urban areas ensuring efficient delivery of essential communication is available in every corner of the world.

Learn more about 4G/LTE connectivity solutions here.


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