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Experience emCell – the field-proven Network-in-One-Box for Forces on the Move

By: Shashwat Nagpal

While on a mission or responding to an emergency, maintaining secure communication for armed forces is the most significant challenge. Secure and dependable communication with high-speed broadband capabilities is vital for the troops while preventing insurrection, guaranteeing security for a huge event, or during an emergency.  Finding any network in the highest mountains or during extreme weather conditions is impossible. Staying connected might be much more challenging in rough terrains and weather conditions. But not with VNL’s emCell LTE Backpack – a fully-integrated, field-proven mobile broadband communication solution for secure communication during critical operations and VIP events.  emCell is a combination of LTE…

Weaving Invisible Threads of Connectivity

By: Shashwat Nagpal

There is an omnipresent invisible thread that connects us all. Whether you live thousands of miles away or nearby, there is one thread that binds us together – our ability to communicate and express. However, as the globe digitises at a rapid rate, this thread has frayed for those living in locations with limited or no communication access.  Imagine your loved one living miles away, and you don’t get to chat with them for months on end, help them in need, or even know how they are doing in life—or missing out on possibilities because new opportunities are out of reach,…

TRAI recommendations: A step in the right direction but implementation holds key

By: Shashwat Nagpal

Last week, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India came up with much needed recommendations to promote manufacturing of telecom equipment within the country. Even as the Indian telecom sector has seen exponential growth in the last decade and emerged as the second largest market for telecom services globally, local production of telecom equipment has remained a conspicuous laggard. As a result, global manufacturers of telecom equipment have stablished an iron grip on the domestic market, thereby making the country heavily dependent on imports. The figures speak for themselves. In the financial year 2014-15, import of telecom equipment was nearly $15…